Sunday, January 16, 2011

New New New

OK, it's all new. OK, not new. Just changed.

So, shortly after my last post (Jan 2009--yes, I know, I suck as a blogger), my husband and I decided that it would be fiscally prudent for me to go back to work. And, well, it was quite a chore. But, it happened, and it did, and the kids did, and I did.

So, here I am, two years later, and I'm still sane. Really. I've been pushed to the edge, but sanity reigns.

Now, I'm teaching college English. (OK, a little less than sane.) And still doing all the kid stuff. And still being community orchestra president. Oh, yeah, and my husband is now the Cubmaster. I guess that makes me Mrs. Cubmaster, right? Aye, aye, Cubmaster. Heh.

But, really, it's all good. The kids are older. They eat lettuce now. Really, they do! I keep harping on the detritus around my house, but, then, I lie in bed at night and think that, in a few years or so, they won't be around enough to make it, so, oh well. What do I care if there are Webkinz on my living room floor and Playmobil battles strewn across the bedroom?

The big discussion topic this week has been my 9 year old's casting as Schroeder in the middle school production of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." Apparently, the older kids have proven themselves to be not well-behaved. I won't say that my 4th grader is a model of good behavior, but he seems to produce his drama for me, and for me only. Well, and for his father. Drama is for the home. Good behavior and good acting skills are for school. I asked some friends about this, and the consensus has been that kids these days seem to be overprivileged and disrepectful, and those kids who are not are getting the Golden Ticket.

Now, I self-admit that my kids are total jerks at home. My husband and I call it the "Rule of Three." Any two boys are fine (well, except this afternoon, when we took Thing 2 out for "linner" after his piano recital, and left Things 1 and 3 at home to beat up upon one another), but, add the third, and World War 3 breaks out.

But, elsewhere? I get told what nice boys they are. Sometimes, I feel like we are too strict with them, but they are, essentially, happy. And, again, they are dorks to us, so I guess we haven't scared them too much. But, I don't know--I guess if teachers take the time to tell me how nice they are, then I should believe them.

And that's my silver lining for today.

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